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*** World's update for Poles ***

Much discussion has happened over the past year between NHBA and NPBA about the proposed pole run that is to happen starting this year at NBHA Worlds tentatively scheduled for the Friday.

Initially, the partnership between the associations indicated that you would need to be an NPBA member in order to qualify into the pole bending class. As this is the first year for the class, the entries will be an unknown until entries are made, It has been decided that for the forseeable future, you will not need to be an NBPA member to compete in this class at worlds, however, there will be a NBPA member sidepot that will be put up. The added money is still being discussed, but the indication is that it may be around $500 added.

NBHA Canada has decided that until some of the details are worked out further between NBHA and NPBA we are going to step back from sanctioning our shows with NBPA.

What does this mean to NBHA members? Well....we are now going to be giving away year end awards in Poles for each NBHA Canada district at finals!! Each district director is now working with their show hosts and clubs to sanction pole classes during the year. And all those eligible for year end points, will be indicated on entry forms.

NPBA 2019 year end awards will stillv be given out at Spring Thaw. If you have any further questions or concerns about the above...please contact me Joanne Fisher...NBHA Canda Pole Bending Director













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