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* The 2022 Green as Grass Show season starts at the first show of 2022, NBHA Canada Spring Thaw.


* Eligibility will be based on an honesty policy to determine your level as a competitor, however there are rules that have been implemented to eliminate those who enter and are not truly at a beginner level.


* Green as Grass status is based on horse and rider combination. Points for the season will be awarded as per NBHA rules in the same format (5,4,3,2,1).


* If you participate in the Green as Grass and run within 1.5 seconds of the winning time of the Open run on the same day, you will lose your Green as Grass eligibility and your points for the season will be forfeited. 

* You cannot have won more than $1000 lifetime earnings in barrel racing other than in beginner or Green as Grass classes. 


* The Top 5 point earners in the 1D and the top 3 point earners in the 2D from each district will qualify to run in the Green as Grass Invitational Race at the 2022 NBHA Canada Finals. You must have ridden the horse you compete on at finals during the competition year in the green as grass class.


* NBHA Canada Executive will have the final say in all disputes resulting from any of the above.

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