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District 1
Boundries: From Hwy #86 at Amberley along through to Hwy #8 to Dundas (Hamilton) and everything west.

District 2
Boundries: East of Hwy #86 from Amberly to Hwy #8 at (Dundas) Hamilton and west of Gravenhurst down to Whitby along Hwy #12.

District 3
Boundries: North of Gravenhurst along Hwy #169, Hwy #11 & Hwy #60 over to Pembroke, and everthing north.

District 4
Boundries: East of Hwy #12 from Whitby up to Gravenhurst, East to Huntsville along Hwy #60 to Pembroke.

District 0
NBHA members wishing to compete in all districts of Ontario. Competitors will compete strictly for points. These points will only be for qualifying purposes as there are no year end awards for this district. The points will allow you to qualify for the Canadian NBHA & World NBHA Finals.

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